Subscription – Terms & Conditions

Welcome! – You are now a part of our movement!

You can now update your outfit and still be a conscious consumer. By choosing Klädoteket you support small designers who work for fair working conditions and sustainable solutions.

When using our leasing service and sign up for one of our subscriptions you get to choose between different options each month. Your subscription starts directly after the transaction is made. After 30 days as a subscriber you will receive an e-mail from us and you have 5 days to choose between the following options:


Extend the lease period with another 4 weeks.

-Pick new favorites

If you decide to send back the items you easily login to your account on the website and pick new favorites. The new items will be delivered after your first period of 30 days have ended. It will then take between 2-7 working days before your new products are delivered.

-Send back

If you decide to return the products you just send the products back in the same package in which you received them. At the back of your address tag you will find Klädoteket’s address. Simply turn the paper in the plastic folder, place the products in the package and send. If the package is small enough to fit in the mail box you post it there, in other cases you leave the package at your nearest Mail Office. When you have made the option to send back your products don’t forget to post the package within 5 days. If we notice that the products haven’t reached us in time we will charge you 300 SEK/week*. If you don’t hear anything from us we have received your package in time and everything looks fine!

-Keep for ever

If you choose to buy a product after you have leased it, we will take 15 % off the retail price. Another 15 % is added to the discount (if the product is purchased) when you extend your lease period.

-No choice is made

If you haven’t made any of the following choices: pick new favorites/send back, extend, keep forever or end the subscriptions, your subscription will automatically be extended. After three months of no activity as a customer we will remind you one last time and give you an option to either send back the products or purchase them (full retail price).

A good idea is to regularly login to your account, to keep yourself updated on news, important dates and status on your subscription.


How do you end the subscription?

Your subscription is based on monthly transactions. If you want to end your subscription you can choose this as an alternative when your first leasing period has ended. It is not possible to refund a subscription. You just login to your account and choose End subscription. If you choose to end the subscription you also need to send back all the products.  *If we notice that the products haven’t reached us in time we will charge you 300 SEK/week.


No one is flawless and mistakes happen every now and then. We take responsibility for the first two mistakes you make. When you have made your third mistake we will charge you 500 SEK, and the transaction is drawn from your credit card. When you have paid the fee your mistakes are removed from your account. The amount of mistakes you have made will be visible when you login to your account under notes. Mistakes can for example be; classic red wine spots, a button is lost or a small tear in the fabric.  If the product is completely destroyed and can’t be saved you are required to buy the product and pay the full retail price. We will contact you if we notice that the products are not in the original shape and the mistake will be registered.


As a subscriber the payment transactions are made once a month directly after you place the order. There is no binding period and you can end the subscription whenever you want. If you don’t end the subscription it will automatically continue until you do so. All transactions made on Klädoteket’s website are processed by secure payment gateways.

Personal information

Your personal data will be processed taking into account the legal requirements in accordance with Dataskyddsförordningen. To access Klädoteket´s services you must register with some personal information. You will also be required to provide valid credit card or other payment information necessary.

Your personal information will be processed and stored by Klädoteket, and we have implemented security methods to secure all selected data. To get more information about how Dataskyddsförordningen works please click here.

*If the customer does not send back the products in time we will charge 300 SEK/week/product for 1 month. After this period the customer has to either send back the products or purchase them.