About us


We believe in sustainable fashion!

Therefore we created Klädoteket – the opposite to fast fashion companies. Fast Fashion is often equal to unfair and inhuman working conditions. The production processes in these companies exploit people in different parts of the world, labor costs are below living wages, and the environment is damaged in so many ways. The only ones who gain from this are the companies which make great profits and the consumers in the western world who can purchase cheap products and satisfy their consumption needs.

“We believe that everyone, the producer as well as the consumer,  should be responsible in becoming part of this change by taking action”.

By leasing our clothes and accessories you can expand your wardrobe in our virtual closet. It is better for you, the environment, other Fashionistas – and your closet space.  Once in a while you stumble upon the one, someone or something that you want to have in your life forever. For this reason you’re also able to buy our vintage and design products. All our brands are made from a sustainable point of view. This way you get to be fashionable and at the same time show respect for the workers who make you look fabulous.

This is the fashion revolution!


Who are we?!

Sara & Louise founded Klädoteket in 2012 and have since then been developing the concept. They are passionate about fashion and to find solutions for changing the fashion industry in order to become sustainable.

If you are interested in collaborating with Klädoteket don’t hesitate to contact us kontakt@kladoteket.se