We want all our customers to know what type of products they buy and how they contribute to sustainability. For this reason all our products are marked with the following symbols.



For us sustainability is something that is part of everything we do. For us it means showing respect and being responsible towards people working in the industry and towards our environment. Sustainability contains values such as environmental, economic, social and ethical sustainability. Around the world textile workers along the production line are working under slave-like conditions just to satisfy our consumption behaviours in the western world.  Big fashion companies gain a lot and the workers and the planet are paying the price, as these companies cause a massive amount of waste and pollution. This is not acceptable, and we can change this together. We believe that everyone, the producer as well as the consumer, is responsible for being part of this change by taking action.


By joining our movement as a consumer or design partner you become part of the collaborative economy. The business model offers great choice to consumers and new opportunities to entrepreneurs by sharing resources. It’s time to take care of the resources we already. 

Sustainable packaging in mind

We want to make as low impact as possible on the environment. In Sweden people drink coffee every day, that’s what makes Sweden go around. At Klädoteket we choose Fairtrade and organic coffee, but what happens to all the coffee packages? As we discovered that they are strong and water resistant we decided to use these plastic packages for our digital service. To make nice functional packages that the consumers can use over and over again, we teamed up with a women’s project in Gothenburg that works with integration through handicraft.


Own your style ~ Lease our clothes

The Collaborative way!

Our collaborative business model is based on a platform where Klädoteket collects sustainable designer brands. By leasing products from us you support small scale designers who get a share for each leased product on the website. When the designers join our movement we offer the customers to both lease and buy the products. Our aim is to reduce the amount of new production by leasing from our collection. Clothes & accessories that are made in an ethical way with high quality can circle around and reach different customers. By enabling access and giving customers different options when it comes to consuming fashion, we believe that we can contribute to changing both the designers’ way of producing clothes as well as the consumers’ consumption behavior. All the designers we collaborate with are either sewing the clothes themselves or work with cooperatives or seamstresses where they can guarantee good working conditions. Imagine wearing fashion with pride, because you knew how it was made and by whom. Every product should be seen as real handicraft, and therefore it cannot be for free. The customer needs to pay a fair price. We hope that you enjoy our collaborative design platform and join our movement!