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About Klädoteket

Klädoteket is a FASHION LIBRARY where you can lease clothes & accessories instead of buying them. This library is an alternative to excessive consumption. We want to inspire people with fashion and show them that it is possible to be both fashionable and at the same time environmentally friendly.

In order to be able to offer a unique assortment to our customers we offer a mix of second hand, vintage and new items from design collaborations. As we focus on environmentally friendly design and products, the designers share these values. The designer gets an opportunity to market his/her brand and design through our wardrobe. To find out more about the designer collaborations we have please click here.


We offer two different subscriptions. Each subscription is worth a certain amount of points, which show how many products you can have at the same time at home.  We have divided the clothes & accessories according to category. Each category is worth a certain amount of points. Rent as much as your subscription allows! You can swop items as often as you like within four weeks.


600 SEK/month
600 points
Laundry is included


400 SEK/month
400 points
Laundry is included


200 SEK/week
400 points
Laundry is included


Minimum 800 SEK/week
Tailored for you
Laundry is included

– Delays are charged 50 SEK/product/week. It’s the customer’s responsibility to hand in the products in time.

– Take care of the product as if it was your own.

– If a product is lost or damaged the customer has to compensate for it. Each product has a fixed price.

– If you fall in love with some of the items from our collection, it’s possible to buy from our designer collaborations. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff.



We want co create a place where people can gather around sustainable fashion.

Next to our store we have a showroom where we exhibit our new designer collaborations, and organize a venue around the collection. This is also a place for workshops and other events that focuses on sustainable fashion. Further on we will also offer a space where creative people can rent a work spot.

Welcome to our place. This is Fashion Revolution!